The Golden Rules of Casual Dating

“Don’t fall for her”

While surfing online on the lookout for personals sites that are worth looking into for casual dating, you’ll often cross scam sites that promise every user perfectly willing women, despite the fact that there are usually more registeres men than women. This, along with exaggerated stories that float around, promotes the idea that you can do nothing wrong when you’re dating casually. As soon as you try that out for yourself however, you’ll find yourself sorely disappointed. Women aren’t falling over themselves to set up a date with you, it’s more commonly the other way around. You can’t just sit back and write a message to any registered female user, telling them to come over tomorrow. Casual dating can be work too.

But on the other hand, it can be immensely rewarding and simple. It’s all just a question of how you approach it. You can go in blind and learn your own hard lessons, maybe even quitting out of frustration due to your lack of success. Or you can simply take a look at the following set of three rules of casual dating to ease your way.

It’s a Mutual Agreement

Although the personals scam sites online will constantly try to convince users that the registered women are practically like escorts who don’t require payment, that’s far from the truth. Of course, occasionally you’ll find one or two women who don’t care much for pretense and will cut straight to the chase. But more often than not you’ll find yourself trying to advertise yourself as a charismatic and good lover to a female user. You need her agreement to move on to the next step in casual dating. Even when you’re already on a date with her, that doesn’t automatically mean that you’re guaranteed to have sex in the next few hours. Essentially, it’s pretty much like a normal date, just without you needing to prove that you’d be a great choice on the long run. In casual dating, you just need to prove that you’re a great choice for the night.

This doesn’t mean that you should boast about your previous dates and conquests, or how you can make a woman scream herself hoarse. This will only make her roll her eyes – not in a good way, mind you – and start ignoring your messages. What she’ll appreciate far more than your abilities in bed and any compliments you make her, is how you treat her. As soon as you show that you understand and respect the fact that she has a choice to say yes or no to you, she’ll start feeling that she can trust you. Trust is important for casual dating. After all, she’s not only trusting you to give her pleasure, she’s also trusting you to treat her well and not to cause her harm.

You Cannot Make Demands

“Don’t make her feel uncomfortable in public”

As you know, in every relationship you can ask for something and it’s quite likely that you’ll receive a positive reaction due to the relationship dynamics. Your partner knows that in turn, at some point they can ask you for something and they’ll get a positive reaction. In a casual dating situation, there usually is a set timeframe in which such an exchange of favors needs to happen, if it does. This is why the least dates will agree to any demands you may make, beyond sexual acts, that is. In casual dating, it’s all a bit more egoistical. You want to have your itch scratched and as it happens, so does she. If you want to get technical, you’re using each other for your own benefits. If her benefit isn’t as great or greater than yours, the deal is off.

For example: You can’t expect her to drive across the entire country to visit you in Victoria, just because you happened to start a good message conversation with her prior to knowing where she lives and you’d like to meet with her. She’ll weigh her options, but it’s hardly likely that she’ll come to the conclusion that you’re investing just as much as she is for your mutual benefit, so that the trip will be worth taking. So if you want to ask her to do something special and specific, be sure that you’re doing something that is equal in time, money or anything of similar worth invested. Essentially, make the deal worth it for her.

Respect (Each Other’s) Privacy

As pointed out previously, setting up a casual date with someone takes a bit of a leap of faith on both sides when it comes to trust. You’re meeting with an almost complete stranger to have sex and in most cases, to never see each other again after that. You don’t know if she’s telling the truth when she says she works for a bank, nor does she when you say you’re married and therefore a hotel would be a better meeting place for the two of you. It’s also none of either of your businesses, really. Maybe you aren’t married and just don’t want to clean up your apartment. That’s absolutely fine. The only thing you should be aware about each other is potential sexual diseases (and even then you should still use protection), kinks and turn-offs. Anything beyond that would get you far more involved in each other’s lives than a casual dating arrangement implies.

This means, even when you’re invited into the privacy of her home, you shouldn’t go further than taking a look around and asking where the toilet is – assuming that you aren’t distracted by foreplay, anyway. But even a step earlier, when you’re still in the getting to know each other with messages stage online, you have no obligation to go into details of your private life and nor does she. This is how the no strings attached part of casual datings stays the way it is. So, even if you’re curious, don’t ask too personal questions that aren’t relevant to meeting each other or having sex. Should either or both of you freely volunteer any private information or reply in more detail to a question, then it’s your own choice to make. In turn, both of you have the right to turn down a question about something you’d rather not talk about.

In the end, it all comes down to one thing: Knowing that the woman you’re trying to date casually is just as much as a person as you are. She too tries to avoid getting scammed online on personals sites and she too wants to be treated with respect. It’s sensible, that’s why you want the same.The moment you don’t give her the same as you yourself want, you’ll find yourself without a date. If this situation arises and you are left without a date, you can always look for legit personals at Read the online personals site reviews to make your decision.

However, it’s also important that these points aren’t just to the advantage of women. They count just as much for you. So in turn, should your potential date ask you to do things that aren’t worth it for you on the long run, don’t sell yourself short. Although you’ll most likely miss out on the sex, you shouldn’t need to go on a day trip for it. Then you might as well invest your money in an escort instead.

Habits for Online Dating Every Guy Should Learn

“Have a separate email account for your online dating”

Any time you decide to change things up, it’s always a good idea to know what you’re getting yourself into. When it comes to online dating, this idea goes beyond finding meeting women website reviews and looking through guides for direction on how to best attract the woman you want. Often times, it really means paying more attention to details that were once deemed less important and learning new habitsto keep on top of your new social life. This is especially true when you are just starting out, since you can expect to spend the majority of your time with a spread of different women, rather than one at a time as you might otherwise be used to. Following these tips for new habits, then, helps to keep an otherwise chaotic schedule straight and helps ingrain useful tasks into your day-to-day life.

Checking More than One Email More Frequently

“It will make your online dating life a lot easier”

If you are devoting most of your time to the Glasgow bar crawl, chances are you aren’t constantly split between your typical day and your typical night. That is to say, there really isn’t as much reason to guard things like your phone number, email, and real name. Online, however, things become a little trickier. This has a lot less to do with the people you are dating than it does with the probability of your information being sold off or stolen in the process of finding an online hook up. When it comes to your personal data being sold, well, that’s just a fact of life these days. The best thing you can do in most cases is to try and keep your online life as disassociated from your name and address as possible. In most cases, however, this is merely going to keep the connection from being made at first glance. In most cases, however, that is good enough to keep your online activities from cropping up when, for example, possible employers through your name into an Internet search.

Someone hacking into a site for information, obviously, you have even less control of. In either case, however, making sure you keep a separate email for your online dating is your first step to separating your online self from your private life. In addition, it makes keeping the two separate in your head that much easier. Most of the time, it is better to give throw away email addresses and the like to the sites you find through meeting women website reviews and the dates that follow, if for no other reason than being able to more easily drop them should things turn sour. That does, however, mean that you will need to get in the habit of checking more than one email at a time and doing so more frequently. You can either do this by making sure to get an email separate of the provider you already use in order to stay logged in to both all the time, or by forwarding the emailfrom one to the other, so long as you can send from the forwarded account as well. While the later definitely makes things easier at a computer, if you find yourself using a tablet or smart phone as your main email client, we recommend keeping things separate. No matter how you decide to work this, learning to check more than one email at once every time you remember to check will make keeping up with your online dating life a lot easier.

Double Checking Who You Are Talking To

“Always cross check the name of person with whom you are chatting”

Along the lines of remembering to check both emails is the suggestion to train yourself to double check who you are sending your replies to and from which email every time you send something out. While this is helpful when keeping your various dates straight until you can find someone in particular that you want to hang out with, this should generally be something you try to get in the habit of regardless. Work place foul ups, at the very least, can often be easily avoided just by a simple double check like this. Any time you can double up a good habit for dating with something else in your private life benefiting as well, you know it’s a good habit to keep. Make yourself a note if you have particular difficulty with this, or find a reminder appthat can forcibly stop you before you send something and make you do the double check. Once you get in the habit of hesitating before you hit send, you will always benefit no matter the scenario.You should also try and read the reviews of sites to meet women to get more information on online dating. Check our comparison chart for better understanding.

Keeping an Open or Flexible Social Calendar

“Keep your social schedule public”

This one might be a little less obvious than ranking your various options according to the meeting women website reviews you find, but it is just as important. It may, in fact, be more important. As we mentioned before, it is fairly common for people, especially when they are first starting out, to go on a slew of first and second dates at the same time. Online dating is more or less a dating playground where it is expected that you will be using the first couple of dates as an interview process of sorts. Almost no one expects to find the right personon their first go, so you don’t have to worry quite so much about the often harsh fallout that usually comes with the revelation that you have been dating multiple people. Instead, making the most of your options is considered efficient and typical.

With that in mind, making sure to keep your social schedule open or at least easily subject to change, means an easier time hooking up with someone who just found your profile. Keep in mind that a lot of people turn to online dating sites not solely for their ease of use, but also because of the hours they keep. That is to say that she may be sending you emails at all hours of the morning because she just has a different schedule. Being able to cancel plans to accommodate that or not having any to begin with makes setting aside time to hook up a lot easier.

Staying on Top of Local Shows and Events

Keeping on top of local events is just a natural extension of keeping a malleable schedule. Don’t just stick to who is performing in Glasgow, either: look to the surrounding areas, and check on cultural events as well. Not only does having a local events schedule on hand give you a great selection of date ideas at the drop of a hat, but it also allows you to set solid plans with people in advance. It is true that a lot of dating, particularly through online encounters, can happen very quickly, making it more than worth your while to spend your time doing something different than you normally would. However, it is also important to keep in mind that, particularly in the beginning when you are really spreading your options out and looking at everyone you can find, that things can get expensive pretty quickly. Local events, especially cultural ones, not only offer something different from the norm, but are also usually less expensive than the more classic alternatives.

Staying Healthy And Fit While Travelling

Travelling may be stressful and can result on not eating on time due to change of time and work. There’s a lot of reason to travel, this can be worked, vacation, and adventure. This kind of lifestyle would have a big impact on your health. This can also affect your weight since you’ll be in a different place where you could try their cuisines and fast food chains for the people who are always on the go.

With this kind of lifestyle, there would be a big impact physically and mentally. With the effect of long hours of drive or spent hours on the plane. There are ways to minimize stress and be healthy, while having this kind of routine. Here are things that needed to be done before leaving your home:


Make sure to plan your trip and schedules, make sure you will have time to eat a healthy meal.


Enjoy Healthy And Fit While Travelling


To keep your immune system at work, make sure not to skip on taking your supplements.

Workout gear

While packing make sure to include your running shoes and workout gear.

Stay Hydrated

Always make sure to be packed with water bottle on each every travel to keep you hydrated.

To help you stay healthy while on the road or out of the country, here are the following:

  • Eat a small portion of the food in your main course; it is ok to eat several times in a day provided it should be in small servings.

  • While on the flight or road, make sure to carry healthy snacks like banana, apple, and nuts to reduce food cravings.

  • Once you are in a hotel, opt to use the elevator instead use the stairs once in a while.

  • If possible before making a reservation, check the hotel if they have fitness amenities. If not you could check out the nearest shopping mall and can do window shopping, this way you will not notice that you are already burning calories while walking.

  • If the weather would not permit, you could make a low impact workout in your hotel. These are pushups, crunches, and walking around in your room.


Stay Fit While Traveling: Workout Programs and Eating Healthy

When travelling you will always encounter jet lag, this may affect your immune system due to lack of sleep and also may affect your appetite. There are ways to at least lessen the feeling of having a jet lag. This was being called Homeopathy this would trigger your body’s response to change of time, by doing a synchronizing your body clock. This is process is usually being done two days before you travel.

And always make sure to have enough sleep or a nap in between moves. When you are in a plane it is ok to take naps to boost your energy. You would be having enough strength to your work as well as working out for you to stay healthy and fit.

3 Easy Steps To Automating Your Finances

Managing one’s finances can be a very challenging and stressful task. One has to make sure that all payments are made on time – taxes, retirement contributions, credit card payments, and bills piled one on top of another. Indeed, it can be pretty harassing to be making endless to-and-fro trips to one’s bank to make sure that all of these are settled on time.

Surely there must be alternate ways to managing one’s finances where one does not have to make roundtrips to a bank, which can drain one’s energy and patience. If you are in this same situation, here are some tips that are worth looking into.

Shift from manual to automated transactions

Most banks nowadays offer automated transactions to their busy clients who barely have time to stay at home, and much less to visit their bank to make routine payments. They understand how important time is for these busy people, which is why they thought of minimizing trips to the bank teller by allowing for automated transactions including automatic transfers, direct deposits, automatic fund contributions, and even auto bill payments. Their clients can now set up customized transactions to occur between specific time intervals. One can simply set them up and practically forget about them because they will occur without any intervention.


Automate your finances

Create a buffer account as added security

The downside of automated transfers from a checking account is the impression that money keeps flying out in all directions automatically. It can be scary to think that your account can possibly hit zero without you even realizing it.

There is a viable solution of getting about this unappetizing scenario. One can simply create what is termed a “buffer account” which is an option offered by some banks. Alongside one’s checking account, one can have a free, low-interest bearing savings account which will automatically deduct outstanding money from an over-drafted checking account. This “buffer account” basically acts as a failsafe device in case your checking account hits zero.

Create reminders where transactions can’t be automated

Most but not all money transactions can be automated, however. Where a money action can’t be automated, reminders will be of great help. One can utilize a Google calendar, or any similar feature, which very handily sends e-mail messages to remind about important things like bills to be settled on a weekly, monthly, or any recurring interval.


Financial Innovations That Make Your Life Easier

As your own financial manager, you need not wear yourself out anymore from attending to important recurring financial transactions by availing yourself of automated features offered by many banking institutions. You only have to be inquisitive enough to find out about these features. It would definitely be a sad thing to be missing out on these very helpful advancements. So the next time you make a trip to your bank, ask the right person about what features you can take advantage of and which can hopefully make your life lighter and more stress-free.

How Mobile Phones Can Be Used As Cool Gadgets For Your Business

Nowadays, more and more people are using mobile phones to transact everything. They commonly used the gadget in paying their bills and buying some stuffs online. Indeed, this is a great advantage since these phones are portable enough to be taken and used anywhere. Added with the feature to access the Internet, this gadget has become very useful for personal concerns and business purposes.

Many entrepreneurs have taken advantage on these gizmos in order to make all their business transactions easy, comfortable, and fast.

Development of Mobile Technologies – Advantage for Your Business

The developments of mobile technologies are like lightning that strikes so fast. When these devices were released, these are just tools for communication. Sending text messages and making calls are just two of the major purposes of mobile phones. Because of the great demand of the market, manufacturers have come up with an idea to add more features on their devices to make it more useful for varying purposes.

Android market is one of the best sources of cool applications that you can download anytime and anywhere. These applications have different specifications depending to where you would use it. You can get access on your social media accounts with these apps to get you more connected to people you do business with.


Always Used As Cool Gadgets For Your Business

How Mobile Phones Increase Your Productivity

There are widgets that you can download to track your sales and some applications that can give you some compiled tips from successful business entrepreneurs. You can get a “To Do List” application added with special notifications to remind you up on any transactions that you need to settle. Above all, you can be connected with your clients anytime and anywhere.

Especially when you have brought up your business online, you should expect inquiries from prospect clients from different countries. Therefore, you will need to attend to all their queries so that you can establish a strong business relationship with them putting your business to the right track leading to success.

What Applications You Need to Grab from Mobile Phones

1) Be sure to get the application that could track all your business transactions.

2) An application that could update you on what is trending on the market especially on your line of business can be very helpful to get you updated.

3) Grab social networking applications. This is the best apps that can help you with your business advertisement to your prospect clients.

4) You can download PayPal application as one of the trusted online payment methods that is accessible by almost all people across the globe. This would make paying process and closing deals fast and very easy.


The best apps to download for your new smartphone or tablet

There are so many applications that mobile phones can offer. Think of these applications as powerful marketing tools to improve the performance of your business. The world is changing so fast and it is good to know that success is just on your hand.